Laser Inspection System

This system is a perfect solution because it is highly accurate and measures thickness at micron levels.The Laser sensor we used in our system is capable of measuring +/- 30 microns,which gives the ability to measure thickness of sheet metal quickly and accurately. We also do some customization in our software to cater the needs of our client.We use MicroEpsilon high precision sensors for thickness measurement,in our system to inspect various sheets ranging from few mm to 2000mm.

Thickness Measurement System

Thickness measurements are carried out with one pair of laser sensors which are installed together on one axis.The Laser sensor pair self-synchronize to take measurements and calculate thickness with the sensors.

Surface Inspection System

The Machine Vision system SurfacePRO for automated surface inspection captures material and production induced defects on flat and cylindrical parts. It can detect even the smallest surface defects upto +/- 30 microns for scratches, dents and pores. Brochure


Snapscan3D is a unique system which does both visual inspection as well as depth inspection with the help of camera and LASER respectively. A single system for all gauging applications. It can measure dimensions of very complicated parts. It can measure depth and Width with an accuracy up to 10 microns. It can be used in a quality lab or in production to check if the parts are manufactured as per specification. Any deviation in part dimensions can be highlighted immediately. With Snapscan3D, you can measure length, width, thickness, angle, diameter and step height.

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